Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Letter to the Church

Dear The Body of Christ,

You speak of this Jesus and salvation but I don’t understand.

You say God loves me… but no one love me here

You say God sacrificed for me… but no one sacrifices to bring me home

You say God wants me in his family… but no one welcomes me into their family

How am I to understand these things when there is no one to model them?

You say God has a plan for my life… but I’m told my future is hopeless

You say God wants to bring me peace and joy… but I know only turmoil and grief

You say God will never leave me… but no one ever stays

I hear your words but I don’t believe them. How could I? I see no evidence of their truth in my life.

Yours Truly,

147 Million Orphans

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