Thursday, February 2, 2012

Please Vote!

We have a really exciting and unique opportunity to enter and potentially win the Dell Social Innovation Challenge.
As college students who are launching a non-profit we are eligible to win up to a 50,000 grand prize. There are a lot of other great projects, but we REALLY believe in Abide and the burden God has placed on our hearts for these families at-risk to put their children in an orphanage.

So how can you help?

If you have two minutes...

VOTE for us! You can vote by going here

1) Click "Register" at the TOP RIGHT CORNER

2) Enter your information (Name, Email, password)

3) Check off the first option under "How do you want to participate?"

4) Check off that you agree to the terms and conditions

5)Go to your email inbox and click the link they send to validate your account

6) Then you can VOTE FOR ABIDE!

If you have five minutes...

GET THE WORD OUT! Post this plea for votes to your facebook page, your blog, your twitter account, your tumblr, and/or send an email out to your contacts.

This would mean so much to us and really help us start bringing in the votes.

Thanks everyone!

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