Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Abundant Blessings

His cup overflows.

And that is a promise.

When I was young I lived up to my middle name and prayed for a child. I wanted another baby brother or sister so badly it consumed my prayers for years. The day my parents told me they were pregnant my joy was incomparable.

I was so excited about my baby brother but even more so I was so amazed that God heard my prayer and answered. He chose to give me the desire of my heart. Still to this day I love to watch my little brother during worship and here God whisper into my ear, “this is my gift. You are my daughter and I love to lavish gifts on you.” My joy was so complete and I was so blessed. I didn’t even dream of asking for more.

Eight months later my parents sat my siblings and I down again and once again told us we would be welcoming another baby to the family. I was shocked and overjoyed. God had given me a gift I hadn’t even dared to ask for. Asking for another sibling would have been greedy- surely he couldn’t love me that much. Once again he whispered into my ear, “My love for you overflows and I desire to give you gifts you haven’t even dared to ask for. I want to bless you.” When I see my baby sister I am reminded that God has lavished his love upon me.

As the years went by I would hold onto those gifts when times got rough. When darkness threatened and I struggled to raise my hands in worship I looked down at my siblings playing at my feet, or kissed one of them as they rested on my hip, and I gave thanks for this gift that keeps on giving. No matter what I faced I always had a reason to thank God because I couldn’t thank him enough for those precious gifts.

It’s been four years and my babies are preschoolers now. Baby siblings are completely off my radar. I dream of my own babies now and cry out that they won’t be too far away. Jesus whispers, “trust me, my timing is perfect, hold onto the hope and wait upon your God.” Some days I wait well. Some days I don’t. As many of you know the last year has been one of my toughest as I’ve missed Africa each and every day and ached to return. I struggle each day to hold onto God’s promise but feel my weak faith fingers starting to slip.

And then I got the phone call. A normal conversation with my dad about my life followed by the infamous, “we have some big news.” My mind whirls- did someone die? Are they moving? The last time they said that they were pregnant but there is no way…

His cup overflows.

His promises are new every day.

His gentle whispers to remind me that he is still here, that he is still the miracle maker, that he still has control of my life, that he still loves and desires to bless me if I would just trust his timing… all these whispers weren’t making it through my shriveled cold heart. He had to shout. Baby sibling number three is quite the shout.

I heard you this time God… and I’m still reeling at your glory.

As if I needed anything else to be reminded of all these messages I have recently made the decision to transfer schools and live at home next year. I’ll be moving home just in time to welcome baby.

Thank you doesn’t even cut it. All the praise ever uttered from these lips from birth until death will never cover it.

Little baby, the fifth child in this crazy family, the wonderful beautiful unexpected gift- I cannot wait to meet you. With your very existence you have already been used by God to speak to me- I cannot even fathom what amazing things He will do through the rest of your life. You are so loved.

Do you think he can hold three???

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