Saturday, April 23, 2011

He Is Risen

My mother died when I was six so my memories of her are short and scattered. Most of them are fused together with stories i've been told by others so that i'm not sure what is true recollection and what is memorization. But Easter one is one of my purest memories.

The Easter before her death was a special one indeed. I didn't fully understand it at the time but she, and everyone around us, knew it would be her last. What a beautiful thing it must have been to be standing in church celebrating Jesus making a way for us into heaven and knowing you were going to taste that sweet promise in a few short weeks. What a beautiful and terrible thing all wrapped up into one. Celebrating that gift and counting the cost of what you will lose all at the same time.

That morning I remember getting ready for church, her fingers tying the ribbon on the back of my dress, and her saying "He is risen" and me reciting right back at her "He is risen indeed." We had practiced days before so that I would be ready and know just how to respond when the people around me declared, smiles painting their faces, that He is RISEN!

The phrase always make me remember her.

Last year my parents were teaching my baby brother Benjamin the same phrase and reciting with him the proper response. His preschool ears got it wrong though... or did he get it just right? Instead of responding "He is risen indeed" he shouted "He is risen in me!"

From the mouth of babes...

And so today we remember and we rejoice and we say thank you. Because of Jesus' incredible sacrifice when we face death we know he has already declared himself victorious and that we get to take hold of the precious gift of eternal life. And when we face life we get to put on a child like faith and declare "He is risen in me!"

Have a blessed Easter.

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