Thursday, April 21, 2011


Her head rests against my chest, soaking my sweater with drool and tears. I sing gently and I rock her back and forth. I sing Amazing Grace- the theme of my life. I feel her body shudder and then fall into limp calm as I sing over her sweet self and rub peace into her back.

I really should give her back to the teacher. I should have left thirty minutes ago. My to-do list is falling off the page and today time is of the essence. I already woke up feeling like this day just didn’t have enough hours in it. But I stay where I am because as I rock this body and try to bring the calm she needs I am blessed with perspective.

People are more important than lists

This child’s need for peace right now is more important than the exam I have later.

God does not care about me looking successful to the world- he cares about me showing his love to the people he puts in my life.

I am not here to please my professors or peers. I am here to please God.

My lists are full of meaningless toil. My plans fail.

When God stops my frantic hurrying for a moment so that I can run my hands across a crying child’s back THAT is where I am supposed to be. Living in the moment God has given me.

My prayer today and everyday is that my lists and plans will never keep me from stopping for the child, the friend, the co-worker, the stranger who God puts in my path and gives me the opportunity to bless.

And so I stop. And I breath. And I sing into her precious ears. And I force my brain to stop planning, stop list making, and start living.

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