Thursday, August 26, 2010


On the night her mother died she looked up at the night sky and asked 'why?' The sky didn't respond.

When her father got sick she turned to the doctor and asked 'why?' He just shook his head.

When her father died and she was left a complete orphan she went to the temple, got on her knees, and asked 'why?' The room echoed back silence.

When she was forced to leave her Uncle and travel to the King's palace she turned to one of the guards and asked 'why?' She received no answer.

When the King picked her of all people to be his Queen she was confused and asked her attendent 'why?' She shrugged her shoulders.

When Haman chose- of all races to destroy- HER people she cried out to God, WHY? Why have all these things happened to me?

"For such a time as this"

Everything in her life up until that point had been for this purpose. God had brought her to this position so that she could save her people. It was going to take gut, prayer, trust, tears, and a lot of courage, but at the end of the day she would be credited with saving an entire race of people. An orphan's name is still praised thousands of years later.

I'm still waiting for my time. I am waiting for that day when God whispers into my heart, "for such a time as this." That moment when everything comes together and all the pain and waiting and tears suddenly make sense. It won't be easy when he whispers. It's going to take guts, more prayer, more tears, more trust, and a lot more courage, but it will all make sense. All the pieces of the puzzle will come together.

He has a plan. My days feel so empty and there are times where I just sit in the middle of a classroom or stop while walking across campus and think, "I can't do this." BUT HE HAS A PLAN. This is all for a greater purpose. This is all preparation for the day when it all comes together. When he whispers, "for such a time as this."

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