Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They're Waiting... She's Waiting

She came to the orphanage when she was an infant. Small, healthy, and beautiful. It wasn't until she was around 5 or 6 months and started missing developmental milestones that concerns were raised. By her first birthday it was apparent. She had cerebral palsy.

She is four years old now and has spent her years laying on a mat or sitting in a chair. The workers at the orphanage mush her food up especially for her and the staff does their best to accomodate her, but there just aren't enough resources. She looks out at the children playing around her day after day, stuck in her chair. She eats mushed up food while the other kids down crackers, potatoes, and rice. She uses her cries and whines to communicate her discomfort and pain. When she reaches the age of five she will age out of her current orphanage.

She is waiting...

He is seven and has been given special permission to remain at the orphanage because he is autistic and there is no other place to send him. When he was a toddler his father brought him to the orphanage, un-aware of his condition. Years later his father returned for him, but when he saw his son and the nurse explained his limitations the father left. The boy spends his days running around eating trash, throwing books on the floor, and laughing his infectious laugh. His joy lights up a room and his pure spirit draws you to him.

But he is too big for the orphanage. His behaviour gets worse each day and he gets bigger and harder to control. There just aren't the resources to give him the one on one attention he so desperately needs.

He is waiting...

He was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). His condition makes him slower then the other kids and affects his ability to listen and follow directions. He has always been one of the hardest kids at the orphanage to control. Yet his heart is full. His capacity to love would put an adult heart to shame. He loves to learn and pushes through when his FAS tries to fight against it. He is a fighter.

He is five years old now and has watched all of his friends go to forever families. The boys and girls he has grown up with have slowely one by one said goodbye to him and traveled away in the arms of loving moms and dads. He sits back and waits for his day to come. When the last of his group leaves, he wonders if it ever will.

He is waiting...

Emily went to Uganda for the first time in 2007. She fell in love, but more specifically she fell in love with the children of Uganda who struggle with special needs. A vision grew in her heart to open a home for them. A home that would provide the therapy, equipment, healthcare, love, and one on one attention they need. In the fall of 2009 doors started opening for her to make her dream a reality. She partnered with her friend Emily (I know confusing right?) and they began planning and preparing for their home. The paper work has been completed, the home has been chosen, and one plane ticket has been purchased.

Their home, Ekisa, still needs funding before Emily can get on a plane and bring these children to a new home. Everything is set and ready to go except for this.

She is waiting...

Will you help bring a heart yearning to serve and children desperately needing the service together? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit her website and consider supporting Ekisa for just $10 a month. It's not very much but if we get people together it will turn into a lot!

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