Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's a Balance Beam

Lectures. Textbooks. Notes. Internet. Facebook. Late night Rita runs. Club meetings. Library. Friends. Acquaintances. 8 am classes. Textings. Walking to class. Hall movie nights. Lunch dates. Dinner dates. Church visits. Homework.

23 years old- 37 pounds. Obukuumi. Amani Baby Cottage. Emily. Ekisa. Kelsey. Beautiful Babies. Skype dates. Fundraising. Orphans. Adoption. Jinja. Kampala. Divided families. Starvation. Poverty. Sunsets. Rice and beans.

How do I balance my two lives? They seem such a far cry away from each other. My heart aches for one and yet lives another. Today the balancing act seemed successful. Three classes, lunch with friends, reading in the library, phone call to Kelsey about Obukuumi, phone call to TAG about Obukuumi, and updates on the Obukuumi blog.

Other days it isn't. On Saturday I went to the beach and as the wind whipped my hair around dear Nabakoza would not leave my mind (read about her story here: She is 23 years old and weighs 37 pounds. An image like that does not leave your head and when you have had the wonderful opportunity to meet the beautiful people of Uganda it makes living life in America so hard. It makes simple things like going to the beach hard. Why do I get to have fun when they are hurting and dying?

I truly believe it's all about balancing. I don't think God wants me to feel guilty about going to the beach, but I do think he wants me to remember the hurting and dying and pray for them daily. And so I have to balance. I work on Obukuumi stuff and I study spanish. I pray for Uganda and I go to lunch. I write blog posts to encourage people to donate and become involved and then I go to a club fair.

It's not easy and some days I really suck at it, but it is where I need to be right now. At the end of the day I know I can make it through because Our God is a God of peace and provision.

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